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TRACEY: drawing and visualisation research


TRACEY | Journal has been publishing drawing and visualisation research and practice since 1997. Published by Loughborough University and affiliated with the School of Design and Creative Arts, the journal has established itself as one of the leading International journals that focus on drawing. TRACEY takes an inclusive approach to drawing, supporting a broad definition and embracing the weaving of drawing practice through the broader domain of visualisation. The journal is currently edited by Dr Deborah Harty and Prof Russell Marshall.

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Current Issue

Volume 16, No. 1Drawing and Loss

Published 26 April 2022

Issue description

Drawing is typically imagined as an additive, connective and creative process. Adding marks to paper sets up a mimetic lineage connecting object to hand to page to eye, creating a new and lasting image captured on the storage medium of the page.

Or does it A strand of ... See the full issue