Vol. 9 No. 1 (2014): Drawing In-situ

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Drawing In-situ

The TRACEY call under the theme of Drawing In-situ, poses the following questions:

  • How does drawing on site inform the way we think about place and space?
  • Can drawing in the landscape act as a mirror to nature?
  • Does drawing in-situ add authenticity to the visualization of place?
  • In what way is drawing in-situ a phenomenological act? How does it inform our knowledge and understanding of site?
  • Is drawing in-situ a speculative strategy?
  • In contemporary education, how might drawing in-situ be used to challenge and extend a student’s perception and understanding of the site in which they are working? What are the fundamental skills advanced through this activity?
  • In what ways have contemporary approaches to drawing on site challenged existing orthodoxies concerning the depiction of place and space?
  • In a digital age, what are the benefits of real-time engagement with site through drawing on location?
Published: 2014-02-01