Möbius Scrolls

Drawing through Embodied Listening

  • Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen University of New South Wales


Möbius Scrolls are structures for drawing that were created to facilitate distinct perceptual experiences of Langshi Village in Guilin, Southern China. They articulate an expanded approach to drawing that is developed through interconnected listening and sounding practices. The Möbius Scroll reconfigures the notions of surface, gesture, line and mark-making that are found in Western drawing practices, by reimagining the function of the traditional Chinese scrolls used in 'shanshui' (mountain/water - landscape) painting. In using the Möbius Scroll to interact with the shanshui visual conventions of stone, water and bamboo of Langshi in their materiality, I extended drawing as a multi-sensory process through the practice of embodied listening. Some of these interactions incorporated Sound Feedback Drawing processes which enabled me to transfigure my experiences of listening and develop new possibilities for the practice of gesture, line and surface in drawing practices. 

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