Drawing Between Practice and Theory

  • Michael Croft Chiangmai University


The article presents and discusses a multiple-sheet drawing that is part of a larger project called ‘Inside Time’. The drawing was developed in a context of interest in the philosophy of A. N. Whitehead and the psychoanalytical theory of Jacques Lacan. While Whitehead’s philosophy concerns a cosmology of existence that embraces both animate and inanimate in a broad sense, Lacan’s metapsychology specifically concerns the human subject. The drawing oscillates between demonstrating conventional and more subjective methods of practice and implicitly referencing aspects of both theories. The article describes how and where these aspects are located in the drawing. How the drawing-based artist is positioned in the work as a subject in the midst of Lacan’s Schema L topology and as Whitehead’s trajectory, subject-superject, is formatted as an annexed space in the drawing as developed through to conclusion as an installation. The nodal points of this space are the two topologies’ respective positions situated in their logical and likely places in relation to the artist. While the drawing’s emphasis is on maintaining a balance between the theories’ various trajectories, its process moves the artist towards a discovery that can conclude the larger project. Such a discovery alludes to Lacan’s Real, of his three registers of the human psyche, as an interpretation of time.

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