Anticipative Drawing

  • Annelies Alice De Smet KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campuses Sint-Lucas Brussels and Ghent


Presence and anticipation share from an etymological point of view a ‘previous to’ and ‘pre’ quality. As a result, presence and anticipation resonate with processes of continuous becoming. By means of Rosi Braidotti’s nomadic thinking, this paper explores continuous and multiple becomings in order to develop a creative reading from them. Firstly, nomadic thinking is explored from (and for) a drawer’s point of view, rather than articulating a review or critique on Braidotti’s work. Secondly, a reflection is assembled on the process of drawing and presence, through pairing nomadic thinking with the embodied encounter through drawing. Anticipative acts in drawing will therefore be considered as a specific type of encountering, sensing and connecting. Moreover, anticipative gestures will be presented as a tactic for continuous becoming. The underlying motive for writing this paper is an inquiry into what thoughts can be developed when accepting the invitation from drawings to think.…

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