• John Eggleston University of Keele


From this issue, Studies in Design Education and Craft has become Studies in Design Education Craft and Technology. The reason for the change is, we believe, easy tojustify. Craft, Design and Technology has become in recent months virtually the official title for the subject area on which this magazine is focused. It has been adopted by the Department of Education and Science and by many of our local education authorities and schools. We have published articles on technology in almost every issue; it seemed wrong to retain a title that incorrectly suggested that we were only concerned with part of the field.

Readers may find the history of our title of interest. When the journal was originally set up by the College of Handicraft of the Institute of Craft Education in 1967, it was intended to be an 'academic' publication, one that would not impinge upon the long established Practical Education of the Institute of Craft Education. So the name Studies in Education and Craft was adopted. From Volume 3, when the journal became an independent publication it was decided to add the word Design to the title - a word that was at the time being used to denote the new thinking in the 'practical' subjects being developed in the schools. Over the years the magazine has played a major part in furthering the design revolution through its consistent publication of articles showing the development of the new movement in schools and colleges. Now in our new title we emphasise our continuing intention of futhering the development of the new subject area that has emerged in the decade - Design, Craft and Technology. Perhaps we should have taken the opportunity of deleting the prefix Studies in, but the wave of protests from librarians to those who change the crucial first word of a title - the key to its storage and indexing - forced us to stay our hands. So we now adopt a title which, although long and cumbersome has meaning in every word!

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