A Motorbike for the 1980s

  • A. A. Bates Henry Mellish School, Nottingham


A team of fourth and fifth year students from The Henry Mellish School, Nottingham, wanted to build a motorbike which had power and appeal and which would give the thrill of speed. The B.P. Build a Bike competition gave us the incentive to create such a bike.

The project was within our resources and its size was just right for the workshop. We could work on it easily and most important, everyone could see it developing. The students in the lower forms were able to take an interest in its manufacture. It created a dialogue between the design team and all who were enthusiastic about the motorbike.

The apparent simplicity of a motorcycle hides many of its design pro blems. These were uncovered as we collected information, and formulated a number of preliminary designs. It soon became clear that we had to opt for a fairly conventional machine, if we were to meet the completion date. There was an element of risk involved if we became embroiled in a programme, using a revolutionary design. Although this decision was finally determined by economic factors.

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