'Multi-cultural/Anti-Racist CDT'. A Response

  • Uma Pandya Brentfield Primary School, Brent


As a primary advisory teacher for Equality in Design and Technology, I read Antonouris's article 'Multicultural/Anti-racist CDT' with great interest. This is partly because it had been the first article that I had come across that brought in the 'race/cultural' perspectives, in Secondary CDT, (for gender perspectives, see Grant 1984), Antonouris, in his article, seeks to justify multicultural education as good education in CDT, because it would go some way towards increasing cultural understanding and eradicating racism. In order to achieve this, Antonouris proposes that CDT teachers take a global perspective in this curriculum area, as well as taking into account the different local 'ethnic' groups who can be a source for ideas, materials and resources in crafts, designs and technologies. Hence creating a 'value' based approach, would offer scope for multicultural practice, therefore, providing 'Education for All'.

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