• David Barlex
  • Bob Booth
  • Rosemary Booth
  • John H. Carswell
  • H. G. Denton
  • S. W. Garner
  • John Lancaster
  • K. J. McAuley
  • George Raper
  • Peter Toft


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Design Assignments for GCSE and Standard Grade by Jeff Nocholls, reviewed by Bob Booth
  • Design and Communication for Foundation Courses by Peter Gowers, reviewed by Peter Toft
  • The Celtic Art Source Book by Courtney Davis, reviewed by Rosemary Booth
  • The World of Plastics by the British Plastics Federation, reviewed by George Raper
  • Illumination: A Source Book for Modern Calligraphers by Christopher Jarman, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Craft, Design and Technology. Materials: Investigation and Choice. A database for pupil use by David Barles, Simon Powell, Sheila Nelmes and Adrienne Jones, reviewed by David Barlex
  • Design in Context by Penny Sparke, reviewed by John H. Carswell
  • Designwise 2 by N. McLean, reviewed by H. G. Denton
  • Airbrushing the Human Form by Andy Charlesworth, reviewed by S. W. Garner
  • Douglas Scott by Johnathan Glancey, reviewed by K. J. McAuley
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