• John Bale
  • David Barlex
  • Marshall Hughes
  • T. Lawley
  • S. R. St. J. Neill
  • Brian Oppenheim
  • David Perry
  • Michael Roberts


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Getting Things Right Design and Realization by Adrian Marden, reviewed by Michael Roberts
  • Visual Messages: An Introduction to Graphics by C. J. Breckon, L. J. Jones and C. E. Moorhouse, reviewed by John Bale
  • Ergonomics in the Computerized Office by Etienne Grandjean, reviewed by T. Lawley
  • Teaching GCSE Craft, Design and Technology by David Rees, reviewed by Brian Oppenheim
  • Computers at Work by H. Scott, B. Frost, S. Alexander and G. Bowie, reviewed by S.R. St. J. Neill
  • Science Report for Teachers: 10 Metals at age 15, reviewed by David Barlex
  • The Anti-Colouring Book by Susan Striker & Edward Kimmel, reviewed by Marshall Hughes
  • Understanding and Using Technology by A. Todd, C. McRory and D. Todd, reviewed by David Perry


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