A Modular O Level/CSE Course in Technology

  • Ray Page London Borough of Bromley, Educational Department


Much has been said and written recently about increasing the technological awareness and literacy of the children leaving our secondary schools and Mr. Callaghan'sRuskin Speech about the core curriculum and the comments made by Sir Alex Smith, Chairman of the Schools Council at the launching of the Industry Project are but two examples. Several attempts have been made to remedy this apparent deficiency through such curriculum developments as Project Technology and the work of such agencies as the North West Technology group and the Engineering Science Development Unit at Loughborough. These developments have usually used one of the following patterns of introducing technology into the school curriculum.

1. Offering technology as a structured course as a choice subject in its own right, based in either the science, technical or craft departments (or a combination of these) and frequently taught on a team basis.

2. As part of a general studies programme.

3. As an enrichment of existing curriculum subjects, in particular science and craft.

4. As a unifying factor throughout the curriculum by several departments contributing to the development of a technological topic.

5. By introducing extensive project work.

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