Technological Awareness through Craft Work

  • Peter Dutton Sheffield Region Centre for Science and Technology


How have you reacted to the statements by the Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Education and Science, Director General of the Confederation of British Industry and many others about standards in school education and about the need in this country for engineers and technologists working in industry? Have you said or thought it irrelevant? Or not their business? Or 'I've heard it all before' or '1 cannot do anything with the youngsters I get in the craft room'? Or have you wondered if you should actually do something? You may have heard or read about school technology before and may have rejected the ideas for very good reasons - THEN. The author suggests that the situation in which we all work has changed and so, with great humility and sincerity, the author wishes to share some thoughts with you about where craft education might be changed. Naturally, the author hoped you will agree with him but much more important is that you decide what you do think and not just reject the ideas without thought. This is the challenge - if you agree with what follows, will you join with others in changing craft education in schools; if you disagree, will you write to say why you believe the author is wrong - please?

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