Design and Build Projects within a School of Architecture

  • Gerald Wicks Bristol University


Recent years have seen many developments in schools and colleges in those subjects which directly concern materials. Frequently the move has been away from the application of skills towards developing the creative and intellectual aspects of worki ng with materials. The School of Architecture at Bristol gives its students a real and meaningful experience in the use of those materials which potential building designers will be expected to deal with. The School holds the view that realisation of design ideas is important, and to this end not only is an understanding of materials and their behaviour essential, but it is also necessary to gain experience in application. One of the most valuable activities to combine these objectives is a Design and Build project. Such a project not only involves the design of a building which has architectural merit but which also promotes quality in the construction method. In a well conceived project the student will not only learn about and experience the academic disciplines of Architecture but also in organisational and management matters relating to the building process and at the same time acqu ire some practical building skills. While there is nothing fundamentally new in designing and making it is a developing area with in University departments of Architecture. An opportunity is thus given for students as part of their professional training, to realise their own designs and to be aware of the complex interaction between design decisions and practical problems of construction. This situation offers the ultimate in feed-back and as such is relatively unique in higher Design Education.

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