The Formation of a Creative Arts Department

  • Maurice Copus Southfields School
  • Cecil Hughes Southfields School


A combined arts department is only anotner explanatory step forward in the conti nual search for more enlightened and effective methods of teaching.

At Southfields School, we have attempted over a number of years to create such a department, which includes Art, Drama, Dance and Music. The step appears to be a logical one, both from philosophical and organisational points of view. It has, however, posed many questions. We found that the question we must ask, as teachers, and answer quite honestly is: what purpose do the arts have in school and society? Are they, in fact, just an interesting pastime for a few people which need not concern the rest of society too much, or are they an integral part of living, in which peoples of all levels of abil ity and development and talent can express their attitudes, beliefs and needs to one another?

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