• B. J. Aylward
  • Francis Celoria
  • Marjorie Cruickshank
  • Keith Gentle
  • I. D. Jones
  • Edward Phelps
  • Keith Riseam
  • G. Roberts
  • Ian Toon
  • F. O. Zanker


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Crafts and Craftsmen by Christopher Chappell, reviewed by Marjorie Cruickshank
  • Learning and Teaching through Art and Crafts by Alan Cotton and Frank Haddon, reviewed by Keith Gentle
  • The New Handicraft/Processes and Projects by Lester and Kathleen Griswold, reviewed by Francis Celoria
  • Design Projects in Technical Drawing: A Course for Examination Candidates by B. G. Cuthbert and M. R. Pattenden, reviewed by G. Roberts
  • Design and Technology - Metal by G. A. Hicks, G. M. Heddle and P. A. Bridge, reviewed by F. O. Zanker
  • Woodwork by J. Maynard and D. Jones, reviewed by B. J. Aylward
  • Design Concept Series by Gerald F. Brammer, reviewed by Ian Toon
  • Introducing Finger Painting by Guy Scott, reviewed by Edward Phelps
  • Craft Education: Woodwork Design by T. Pettitt, reviewed by B. J. Aylward
  • Lettering by John Cataldo, reviewed by Keith Riseam
  • The Complete Book of Woodwork by Charles Hayward, reviewed by I. D. Jones
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