Design Education - A Change in Name only?

  • F. O. Zanker Eaton Hall College of Education


Packaging in its various forms has a major role to play in the sales promotion of a consumer product. Whilst the contents of the package often remain unchanged a change of package style and image, or the ";slickingup"; of a product's title can influence the sale prospects, often dramatically. But superficial changes of this nature may not yield lasting results, the sales boost being only temporary. As sales decline so the process of reviving interest begins again with a further adjustment to image and style. The consumer at some stage, however, could for a variety of reasons chang! allegiance to the product brand: reliability, economy, degree of compatability with other trends and influences, even doing without in certain cases may go contrary to the marketeer's predictions and projections. In attempting some degree of forecast, market research methodology includes a programmed strategy in the need to form an understanding of the idiosyncratic behaviour of the consumer. This recognises the importance of taking into account some of the less obvious factors that may jeopardise success, and also tne ongoing process of monitoring modes of behaviour and patterns of acceptance towards change.

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