The Loughborough University Engineering Design Centre

  • C. Rodwell University of Technology, Loughborough


The Centre was established in 1966 and developed as an independent unit within Loughborough University until recently, when it joined with other groups into an enlarged Department of Engineering Production. The Centre operates mainly at postgraduate level, with staff recruited, since 1966, direct from positions of Design responsibility in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Emphasis is placed on the timely completion of work of high quality. To this end the Centre is equipped with modern drafting machines, reprographic and microfilm equipment, desk calculators and a computer, including a graph plotter. Students can gain experience of the efficient use of modern equipment. The main work of the Centre is to prepare engineers to assume responsible positions concerned with the design of engineering equipment and systems. It is therefore more concerned with the creation of an outlook and training of the mind conducive to a successful design engineeer, than in the further acquisition of advanced scientific or technical knowledge, although the recognition and use of this is often a vitally important facet of Design.

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