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  • Sybil Wrigley


With the greatest of regret we have to announce a modest increase in the price of Studies in Design Education and Craft. Readers will be aware that the journal was re-Iaunched almost four years ago at a price of £1.50 a year or 75p. a copy; a price that reflected the already high costs of printing, publishing and distributing a small circulation journal in the late 1960s. Since that time the escalation in costs has been legendary. The facts are so familiar that it would be tedious to list in detail the soaring costs of paper, printing, postage and packaging. Yet the costs have in now way prevented the remarkable improvements in the 'quality of Studies in Design Education and Craft. The page count has al most doubled; the style of binding has been transformed and the quality and quantity of illustration has been greatly extended. That these improvements have been achieved at a time of rising costs is a direct consequence of the increasing readership of the journal. We printed the first issue with an advance sale of no more than 300 copies; the sale of Volume 6. No.1 exceed 3,000 copies. Support from advertisers has been increasingly generous and our printers have been unfailingly helpful.

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Sybil Wrigley
Business Manager
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Publisher's Announcement