Designing and Making Jewellery

  • Brendan C. Friel St Josephs Secondary School, Creggan, Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Anyone with a soul who, through force of circumstances, has had to lead children blinkered through an examination syllabus up until recent times has experienced a frustration of initiative and inventiveness which effectively dampens any pioneering enthusiasm. How many have not asked themselves what exactly they have achieved when, to the exclusion of all other considerations, a boy emerges after five years with his GCE? True, in the case of my subject, he has a fair knowledge of metalworking techniques and skills but, due to the rigidity of the course, he has never had the chance to apply these. Has he learned to think for himself? Technology is changing so fast that all he has learned will, relatively speaking, soon be out of date. It's a classic example of making the syllabus fit the examination.

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