Mode 3 Work in Metal

  • M. G. Davies Pool Hayes Comprehensive School, Willenhall


Today much in education is forward-looking and enterprising. At first glance it would appear that our present examination system is not suited to examine this progressive outlook in education. Yet built into the structure of the system one is allowed to devise and develop one's own courses and to examine these courses within this structure. Here at Pool Hayes all creative subjects are examined by C.S.E. Mode 3. We thought that this suited our needs best; it has allowed us to create courses specially suited to meet our particular situation. Our Creative Arts and Design course comprises ten subjects :-Painting and Drawing, Light Crafts (Pottery or Printmaking), Electronics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Engineering Drawing and Design, Home Economics, Needlecrafts, Music and Drama. All pupils staying on for a fifth year at school choose two of these subject and study a course leading to a Mode 3. C.S.E. examination. A choice of certain subjects could result in a double pass, e.g. Metalwork with Engineering Drawing and Design.

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