Design Education at Secondary Level

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Design Education at Secondary Level is a consultative document from a committee set up by the Design Council and chaired by Professor David Keith- Lucas. It represents a further important step in the commitment of the Design Council to design education in schools.

The Council, although until recently protesting that its remit is to deal with industry, has for many years been interested in developments in schools. In 1966 the then editor of 'Design', John Blake, commissioned Ken and Kate Baynes to write two articles about what they saw in schools. These articles, which appeared in January and March 1967 were one of the very first times when design education in schools was mentioned in the public press. The whole exercise led on to many things and had some influence on the proposal for an A-level Design examination on the formation of ADE which later became NADE, the Schools Council Project on Design and Craft Education at Keele and, of course Studies in Design Education Craft and Technology itself

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A consultative document from the Design Council Response by the Editorial Board of Studies in Design Education Craft and Technology
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