Gender in CDT

  • John Cattan Buxton Girls High School


I began by offering an opinion as to why CDT is vital to girls. This included the benefits in terms of education for life in a rapidly changing society. This is the process aspect of CDT and relates to the transferable skill of researching, synthesising, etc. The second aspect I stressed was that of vocational relevance, particularly given the background climate where girls are often asked to demonstrate their capability in things scientific and technical. These skills are often assumed in boys ... but most move away from CDT as soon as they have the choice at 3rd Year Option.

I then proposed that we should interrupt this cycle by taking positive action. This is not to be confused with positive discrimination; but is about adapting our teaching style and content according to weaknesses in pupils or lack of previous experience.

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John Cattan, Buxton Girls High School
Deputy Head
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