CDT and TVEI: The New Partnership

  • Keith R. Simmonds Cowes High School, Isle of Wight


In the past twenty years CDT has progressed from a single material, craft skill based course to a multi material, design based situation. The status of the subject and its place within the curriculum has also changed. CDT, if taught correctly, now forms a central part of the 11 to 18 curriculum.

This change has required teachers of CDT to look at their teaching methods and subject philosophy, perhaps more than any other area of the curriculum and to take in new and more relevant courses for their students. Often current good practice within CDT allows students to acquire skills through experiential learning and to make value judgements upon their work and design decisions. Where the technological aspect of the subject is emphasised this design based problem solving work may often be related to the real world of industry. In this way students following current CDT courses are often experiencing far more than just a skill and knowledge based course. In the last two years the new element of TVEI has appeared, the question may be asked, is this a friend or foe? Many teachers of CDT are apprehensive and concerned when they examine the meaning of the initials. Technical, 'does this mean the end of craft skills and design', often the same is said when technology courses are introduced. Vocational, 'the subject has more to offer than pure vocational training'. However, these comments show a lack of understanding of the aims and objectives of TVEI. In fact close examination of TVEI aims and objectives will produce many areas of common ground with those of the CDT curriculum. Providing TVEI is seen as an element suporting change and progression of the curriculum then CDT has a new partner, which will allow the subject to play an ever more important part in the curriculum of the eighties and beyond.

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Keith R. Simmonds, Cowes High School, Isle of Wight
Formerly with British School Technology, Trent Polytechnic
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