Women in CDT

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The EOC has just published an important report entitled Formal Investigation Report: Craft, Design and Technology Teacher Training (prepared by Baroness Platt and Michael Fuller) in which the underrepresentation of women in CDT both as pupils and teachers is set out clearly. With permission we print the conclusions to the report which have fundamental implications for all readers of Studies in Design Education, Craft and Technology.

From the information received it is apparent that the problem of women's under-representation in CDT, both as pupils and as teachers, is recognised by all those involved in the recruitment and training of teachers of CDT. Such recognition is the first step in the resolution of the problem As the preceding chapter has shown, many institutions are already translating recognition into positive action, albeit with varying degrees of success. However, it is the opinion of the Commissioners that whilst these local initiatives are to be applauded, a more co-ordinated and cohesive approach is necessary in order to improve what is essentially a national problem. To this end, the Commissioners have, in the light of the information gathered during the course of the investigation, formed the following conclusions and attendant recommendations, which are addressed to the responsible bodies.

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