• A. Charlton
  • Kim Greer
  • John Lancaster
  • John Lees
  • L. Sayer
  • Pamela M. Schenk
  • R. Smith


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Beginning Graphical Communication by M. Jordan, B. Hawtin and A. Neil, reviewed by John Lees
  • Art Related Topics by Bob Nunn and Chris Locke, reviewed by A. Charlton
  • Handbook for Art and Design Students by Robin Jesson, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Drawing and Cognition Descriptive and Experimental Studies of Graphic Production Processes by Peter Van Sommers, reviewed by Pamela M. Schenk
  • The Student's Guide to Western Calligraphy an Illustrated Survey by Joyce Irene Whalley, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Source Directory for Authentic Indian, Eskimo and Aleut Arts and Crafts by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board
  • Marianne Straub by Mary Schoeser, reviewed by Kim Greer
  • Misha Black by Avril Blake, reviewed by Kim Greer
  • 'Working in Crafts' - A National Survey by the Crafts Council, reviewed by L. Sayer
  • Directory of Design Expertise by the Design Council, reviewed by R. Smith
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