Should CDT be part of a National Common Core Curriculum

  • B. K. Down Brunel University


In September 1984 the latest of a series of papers on the school curriculum was issued by the Department of Education and Science and Welsh Office.  Like many of its predecessors from government and HMI, since the so-called Great Debate on education of 1976, it advocates the need for a common core curriculum for all pupils until the age of 16 years. In many respects it appears to support CDT more strongly that most. Thus it suggests that the primary phase (5-11) should 'provide opportunities throughout the curriculum for craft and practical work leading up to some experience of design and technology and of solving problems'. The Times described the new position at the secondary stage (11-16) in one sentence:

'Ministers have set themselves the ambitious aim of providing craft, design and technology right through secondary school in a drive to foster practical skills'. It looks as if CDT, after years of being offered a peripheral place on the curriculum, has come of age.

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