Girls in Technology - an alternative approach

  • Margaret Emmerson London Borough of Waltham Forest


In recent years, much has been written on the subject of girls in technology. Whilst it is certainly true that we must do everything possible to encourage girls to take up technological subjects, the national shortage of girls in CDT has many hurdles to overcome before a balance may be achieved. The GATE project, the Equal Opportunities Commission and the DES have all highlighted many of the reasons why girls should be involved in this very important area of the curriculum. In a publication 'The What, Why and How of G.A.T.E.' the project stated:

'Career possibilities are improved by facility with tools, the ability to communicate graphically and a general technological competency'.

It has become apparent however, that if such projects are to succeed and if we are to attain equality of the sexes in CDT, some practical answers must be sought.

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