Evaluating a Design and Craft Department

  • John Mathias The High Park School, Stourbridge


The pressures for institutional evaluation have been accelerated as the demand for greater public accountability has increased. This increased demand has been brought about by shrinking resources, falling rolls, increased consciousness of public rights, and concern for the quality of education provided in our schools. Shipman (1979) illustrates this point:-

";Suddenly we are in a buyer's market for schooling. Each school has to retain public confidence or that public is likely to assume that it is failing. We can no longer assume that lack of information will be taken as a sign of confidence and efficiency. All who educate are under pressure to assess their effectiveness and to make that assessment public. You can label this accountability. It is really a move to an open schooling. It is no use being effective without being responsive.";

There have been different approaches to these pressures for greater accountability, ranging from HMI testing programmes and inspection through to LEA initiated schemes. The professional response has been self-evaluation.

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