• Brian Allison
  • Bernard Aylward
  • Jean Chris
  • John Eggleston University of Keele
  • Sarah Farley
  • John Thompson


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Technology in Schools: developments in craft design and technology departments by the Department of Education and Science, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Design Education: The Foundation Years by Richard Kimbell, reviewed by Bernard Aylward
  • Basketry by Didied Carpentier and Joel Bachelet, reviewed by John Thompson
  • Painting on Silk by Pierre Bruanolet, reviewed by John Thompson
  • Wooden Toys by Didier Carpentier and Joel Bachelet, reviewed by John Thompson
  • Contemporary Furniture: An International Review of Modern Furniture, 1950 to the Present edited by Klaus-Jurgen Sembach, reviewed by Sarah Farley
  • Design Courses in Britain by Design Council, reviewed by Jean Chris
  • A Century of Art Education 1882-1982 by Clive Ashwin, reviewed by Brian Allison
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