Manual Instruction in Secondary Schools for Boys

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1. This Circular is issued for the assistance of Governing Bodies and Masters in arranging the course of Manual Instruction in Boys' Secondary Schools. The subject in its broader aspects has been so fully covered in the Report of the Consultative Committee on Practical Work in Secondary Schools* that the Board have purposely confined this Circular in the main to suggestions on various types of equipment and methods of instruction which have been found by experience to be useful. On such points as the educational value of manual work as part of the normal Secondary School curriculum, its particular value for certain types of boy, and the need for a substantial and comprehensive course of instruction under the supervision of a regular member of the School staff, it will suffice to refer to the Consultative Committee's Report.

2. As regards the position of the subject in the school curriculum, the Board have not laid down any definite requirements under Article 8 of the Secondary School Regulations, and they desire to leave a large discretion to the schools in this matter. In general, the Board contemplates that all boys during some period of their Secondary School career should receive systematic Manual Instruction; that, as a rule, the course should extent at least up to the age of 14; that in many schools it can profitably be continued for all boys up to 16; and that in all schools there should be facilities for continuing Manual Instruction as a voluntary subject, or as a special subject for particular boys, up to the time of leaving the school.

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