Televising Craft Design and Technology

  • John Eggleston Loughborough University


Craft, Design and Technology, for so long conspicuously absent from Schools Broadcasting on all channels, is now about to move briskly to a major role. Thames Television Education Department, following extensive discussion with the IBA Education Council, has put in hand a long term commitment to a major new series entitled Craft Design and Technology which will be networked to all independent transmitters.

The new series will deal with a one year group at a time, beginning with 11 year-olds, and in subsequent years will build towards A level. In the first year, there will be ten programmes of fifteen minutes duration, one specifically for teachers and the remainder for pupils. Each programme will be capable of use independently.

The series will support new developments in the subject, as well as providing a useful resource for some more traditional aspects of the work. However, the primary aim of the series is to encourage teachers to involve all pupils in a range of designing, making and evaluating situations. As part of such exercises, pupils will be encouraged to develop appropriate skills in communication.

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John Eggleston, Loughborough University
Member of Independant Broadcasting Authority Education Council, Editor, Studies in Design Education Craft & Technology
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