Observational Drawing: A Middle School-based In-Service Course

  • Les Tickle Oldfields Hall Middle School


This article results from (a) my own interest and art teaching experience; (b) doubts expressed currently about 'affective' areas of the curriculum in subjects like art and design and which tend to suffer from a degree of verbal inarticulateness; (c) D.E.S. primary and secondary reports, and (d) concern about the use of observational drawing in the education of children. These factors, together with my own continuing concerns for staff development, led directly to the course which is reported here and to a project contribution for the improvement of in-service arrangements among teachers working with children aged 5-13.

The course was conceived with OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING (which need not be seen as synonymous with 'art' and which is now referred to as 'reference art'). The specific content might be different in other circumstances or at other times, but the general principles of organisation and teacher response have significance and relevance to the wider issues of teacher in-service education and training within schools.

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