Departmental Organisation and Craft, Design and Technology

  • C. R. Langley North Westminster Community School, London


Why is it that many Craft, Design & Technology departments have such problems in grasping the opportunities being offered by the current surge of interest in the subject's new conception? Staff shortage, poorly qualified staff, inadequate timetable space, low status and lack of money are all reasons which are commonly advanced. There is truth in all of these but I believe that many of them are of our own making (albeit indirectly) and that the first steps in removing them must be ours however difficult and injust this may seem. A convincing demonstration of high professional standards being applied to all aspects of our work puts the onus on our critics to say why status, money, time, etc should not be increased. One such area in which I have always felt CDT to be weak is in departmental organisation and this article follows out of our attempt at North Westminster School to correct this.

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