• Bernard Aylward
  • Richard Kimbell Goldsmiths', University of London
  • John Lancaster
  • Michael Paffard
  • Phil Roberts


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Design Education for the Middle Years, A Teachers' Guide by D. M. Shaw and J. M. Reeve, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • Educagao Visual I and II by Betamio de Almeida et al, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • What Is a Designer: Things, Places Messages by Norman Potter, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • Designing a Present by Norman Potter, reviewed by Phil Roberts
  • A Sense of What is Real by Philip Pacey, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Design Education at Secondary Level, A Design Education Report,¬†reviewed by Richard Kimbell
  • American Porcelain: New Expressions in an Ancient Art by Lloyd E. Herman, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • The Mud-Pie Dilemma: A Master Potter's Struggle to Make Art and Ends Meet by John Nance, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • Woodcarving for Beginners by Art McKellips, reviewed by Bernard Aylward
  • Appreciation of Materials and Design by T. Pettit, reviewed by Bernard Aylward
  • Why It is Like This by Bernard Aylward, reviewed by Richard Kimbell
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