Information-Wise A case for developing an evidence-informed information literacy programme at Maastricht University

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Jaro Pichel Barend Last Julie de Ronde Alicja Garbaciak Henrietta Hazen Stefan Jongen


At Maastricht University (UM), the importance of information literacy (IL) is widely recognised – students require structured support in dealing independently with (academic) information, and encouragement to develop creative and critical approaches when faced with complex questions and sources. IL is especially significant in a problem-based learning (PBL) environment such as that offered by UM, which advocates a constructive, contextual, collaborative, and self-directed approach toward learning and knowledge creation.

The project Information-Wise launched in February 2019 and resulted in an evidence-informed IL programme for bachelor students. The ADDIE model (analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation) was adopted to organise the development process of the programme. The analysis phase was conducted by gathering qualitative and quantitative evidence. Two literature reviews and a university-wide survey with responses from over 600 bachelor students and about 100 staff teachers resulted in recommendations for an IL programme at UM. The design phase consisted of the development of an IL framework that embraces the PBL vision of UM. The framework consists of four dimensions: 1) Resource Discovery, 2) Critical Assessment, 3) Organising Information, 4) Creation & Communication. In order to translate the conceptual research outcomes and framework dimensions into educational practices, the project team created a developmental rubric with intended learning outcomes (ILOs). In the development phase, a five-step piloting approach was used to design teaching activities and assessments that support students in achieving these rubric ILOs. The constructive alignment approach helped to align these activities with the content of the subject courses in which these pilots took place. Part of the IL programme is an online curriculum consisting of generic and discipline-specific online modules. For the implementation phase, this report presents Do’s, Don’ts, and Don’t knows, which outline the future integration of the IL programme into faculty curricula. The evaluation phase still has to be done.

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