How to teach digital reading?

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Fei Victor Lim, Dr Weimin Toh, Dr


This paper offers a discussion of the knowledge, skills, and awareness involved in digital reading. Reading, in this paper, is used in the broader sense to include deriving meaning from media on a digital screen. This paper synthesises key ideas from existing studies and presents a taxonomy for the teaching of digital reading. The taxonomy includes the development of: 1) the knowledge of linear and deep reading strategies; 2) basic and critical information skills; and 3) a multimodal semiotic awareness. The goal of this paper is to unpack the specific knowledge and skills for digital reading which will support educators, including classroom teachers and librarians, on the aspects to pay attention to as students engage in digital reading. This paper argues that, in addition to equipping students with the knowledge of reading strategies and information skills, an awareness of how the various semiotic modes make meaning is fundamental to effective digital reading.

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LIM, Fei Victor; TOH, Weimin. How to teach digital reading?. Journal of Information Literacy, [S.l.], v. 14, n. 2, p. 24-43, nov. 2020. ISSN 1750-5968. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 17 may 2022. doi:
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