Door Entry Systems and the Commercial Environment

  • Wendy M Henderson (MA)
  • Dr Joseph Amoah-Nyako


Several studies show that human emotions are constantly changing and evolving. There are numerous publications (Plutchik 1994) which analyse the emotional state, their reactions and effects on an individual. One of the main factors which affects the interrelationships between the emotional state and reactions on the social condition is cultural background.

Different viewpoints and techniques have been highlighted in several studies on the built environment, which introduces the psychological adaptation of the mental process and the emotional effect on the user.

This emotional transition is manifested by societies' reactions to the built environment. The study gives an overall insight into the current realities and links the capabilities of computer technology, in measuring this subjective variable. A lot of these studies seem to reflect continuing dialogue indicating how a sense of wellbeing is affected by aesthetic considerations, colour, form etc. This sense of wellbeing plays a considerable part and a significant role in the process of human reaction(s) to the built environment.

More often than not the commercial environment is as volatile as the changes in the economic or marketing climate conditions, which inevitably affects company and

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