Getting better all the time - using Nuffield D&T for special needs pupils

  • Pat Whitby


Waveney School is a 5-16 day school with 65 pupils on roll, (13 girls and 52 boys; 24 primary, 41 secondary) who have a variety of needs falling under the broad umbrella of 'language and communication disorders'. I bought the Nuffield Key Stage 3 design and technology resources realising that I would have to the material for my special needs pupils. In some cases the adaptation was extensive. I chose to start with the Textiles Resource Task TRT 8 from the Resource Task File. It was totally unsuitable for special pupils so before I could use it in class I had to do a lot of preparation work to allow my pupils access. To do this I:

  • cut down the amount of information presented in one lesson - I spread it over 3 lessons
  • made it more practical, to keep them on target
  • cut down the new vocabulary to 5 new words per session
  • enlarged the space given for pupils to write in

It was time consuming but the pupils enjoyed the lessons I eventually presented - especially rummaging around the scrap fabric trolley and tipping it out on the floor.

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