It's a Bug's Life!

  • Andy Simms Mappleborough Green Church of England Primary School


During the 1999 summer term a class of 34 Year 3 and 4 pupils at Mappleborough Green C. of E. Primary School took part in a design and technology project to design and make a mechanised model of a mini-beast. The following assignment describes and evaluates the planning, delivery and results of this activity.

The scheme of work for design and technology at Mappleborough Green School is based around termly units of work. Each unit is holistic and contains a range of related activities that direct pupils towards producing a product for a specific purpose. Units provide a focus upon specific materials and components, and are designed to develop the pupils' design and technology capabilities through a range of focused practical tasks, activities in which they investigate, disassemble and evaluate simple products and a concluding assignment in which they design and

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