Linking mathematics, science and technology in the elementary classroom

  • Malcolm Welch Queen's University


Teacher candidates at Queen's University participated in a two-week integration project that de-emphasised subject-specific tasks and instead focused on subject integration across mathematics, science and technology (MST). The project was grounded in technology, with the associated mathematics and science concepts being discussed as they emerged. The project highlighted a number of issues related to teaching MST. Many participants were unaware that technological education focuses on both designing and making. They did not have the knowledge or the skills to model with three-dimensional materials. Participants were unable to invoke relevant mathematics and science principles while designing and making. Some were enthused, others claimed the project was not worthwhile, reflecting the typical classroom in which some students will respond positively to a particular learning experience while others will not. The project also raised questions about the most effective ways to ensure that students not only use but also understand relevant concepts from design and technology, mathematics and science.

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Malcolm Welch, Queen's University
Faculty of Education
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