Reviewing Capability in National Currciulum Assessment

  • Ali Farrell Goldsmiths College, London


It is good practice in design and technology

periodically to step outside the preoccupying

activity of trying to get something to work out,

and to review what is happening. This

encourages reflective practice and enables us

to take stock, assess how things are progressing

and to modify our actions accordingly.

This year has seen a considerable amount of

reflective activity as practitioners have been

reviewing the current state of technology

education whilst trying to make National

Curriculum theory work out in practice.

This article highlights some of the underlying

difficulties for National Curriculum design and

technology and its assessment as they have

typically been experienced by teachers over the

last three years. I also wish to explore some ofthe reasons why the difficulties have arisen,

since this helps us to see how practice might be

improved. In so doing I will be drawing on the

experience and insights gained through

working within the Technology Education

Research Unit (fERU), Goldsmiths' College,

which has brought me into contact with

hundreds of teachers and pupils across England

and Wales.

Author Biography

Ali Farrell, Goldsmiths College, London

Technology Education

Research Unit

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