Communicating sustainable design

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Ian Storer Kevin Badni Tracy Bhamra Simon Farmer


This paper outlines research undertaken at
Loughborough University to investigate
innovative methods of communicating the
complex issues associated with Sustainability
with post-16 students in the UK as part of their
design and technology education. A series of
posters articulating elements of sustainable
design were developed by a team consisting of;
sustainable design experts, two industrial
designers and an undergraduate design
student. The poster designs were presented to
post-16 students and teachers in three iterative
development cycles with the responses
recorded using a mix of semi-structured
discussion and a series of questionnaires. The
research results indicate that posters can
provide a useful and innovative method of
communicating sustainable design issues to
students in Design and Technology. However,
the results also show that the content of
posters must provide a balance of inspirational
images and detailed information, with further
resources available to enable more in-depth
study. These findings are now being used to
produce a final poster set which will be
published by ITDG in the coming year and
available for use by students when tackling
sustainable design.

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Sustainable design ; Education ; Graphical communication ; Posters