Making little things visible

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Derek Jones


The response to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 (Covid-19) will leave a lasting impression on all sectors of education. For design educators especially, the rapid transition from traditional to distance modes of teaching was, and still is, particularly challenging. Design, and especially studio-based education, remain predominantly physically focused and located practices. Moving out of the studio takes away far more than just a space for teaching; so much so, that the initial response to the response to the shift has been compared to that of grief (Brown, 2020).

But what has 2020 revealed about our discipline? About the state of our teaching and learning? About the resilience and legacy of our modes of education? Has the studio, as a fixed space, proven to be impossible to replace? Or will some of the affordances and opportunities experienced become part of future curricula? What does the response say of design education research and knowledge?

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