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Kay Stables Erik Bohemia


A year ago Eddie Norman was sitting writing his final piece
as Editor of this Journal. After ten years of excellent
service and leadership as Editor, he had finally decided to
hang up his pen – or maybe his keyboard. In that Editorial
he looked back over the ten years he had presided over
the Journal and reflected back on the fact that, at the point
he had taken on the role, the Journal had just been relaunched
with ‘International in its title’. In his last editorial,
Eddie analysed author contributions and ‘online’ journal
visits to see just how international the journal really had
become. During that first year (2005) there was clear
evidence that those publishing in the journal represented
an international group of researchers and scholars –
articles were from New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, the
USA and England – but the vast majority were from
England. Over the last ten years the balance has shifted.
In 2014, the Journal published 2 articles from Australia, 1
from Cyprus, 3 from Finland, 1 from France, 1 from
Iceland, 1 from Malaysia, 2 from the USA and 3 from
England. Online readership has grown and shown a
similar shift in balance – in 2010 there were 400 ‘serious’
visitors a month from 128 countries, in 2015 the numbers
had grown to nearly 800 ‘serious’ visitors from 167

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