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Special Issue Call for Papers: Alternative Studios: Design Education Changes in 2020


Special Issue Call for Papers

Alternative Studios: Design Education Changes in 2020


Guest Editors: Derek Jones & Nicole Lotz, The Open University, UK

Call for abstracts deadline: 28 February 2021

Full paper deadline: 30 April

Publication: June or October 2021 (dependent on submissions)


2020 saw some of the most radical and rapid changes to design education in decades. In response to the Coronavirus global pandemic, moves from physical to distanced modes of education have challenged even the most experienced educators. The Guest Editors seek scholarship and research that responds to the changes that have taken place in design education in 2020.   The following outline questions are presented as potential starting points.

  • What have we learned from 2020? What does it say about the past state of design education? How will this inform future thinking and teaching practice(s)?
  • Or has the pandemic simply reinforced existing and historical practices of design education? Has anything really changed in our institutional perspectives? Or have we simply taken existing practices into different modes without really asking about their suitability?
  • What have been the real challenges and problems; the underlying issues? What have been the emergent benefits? Have the benefits and problems been ‘evenly distributed’?
  • What changes have taken place in education contexts, beyond only curricular or institutional impacts? What socio-cultural shifts, if any, have emerged? Have students’ attitudes, expectations, and hopes changed?
  • What has changed in the last year that will not go back? What have we learned that has given us cause to change? What has been changed in this way and why? What might it suggest of other aspects of design education?

Vol 26 No 1 (2021): Design and Technology Education: An International Journal. February 2021

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