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Adams, Eileen, Pimlio School, London
Adams, Eileen, Project Officer
Adamson, Fred, Sunderland Polytechnic
Addis, Jeremy, Kilkenny Design Workshops
Ager, Richard, Wolverhampton Education Department
Ainsworth, R. L., Yorkshire Residential School for the Deaf, Doncaster
Alexander, G., Formerly of the Royal Liberty School Design and Technology Department
Allen, R. T., Loughborough College of Education
Allison, B., Leicester Polytechnic
Allison, Brian, Leicester Polytechnic
Allison, Brian
Allison, Brian, Leicester Polytechnic (United Kingdom)
Anderson, John, Beckfoot School, Bingley, Bradford
Antonouris, George, Trent Polytechnic
Archer, Bruce
Arnott, A. T., Swansea Museum
Arvidsson, Harry, Swedish National Board of Education
Ashton, F., Rawlings Upper School, Quorn
Ashton, F., Rawlins Upper School and Community College, Leicestershire (United Kingdom)
Ashton, Mark, London University
Astin, David, Barlow High School, Manchester
Atkins, J. N.
Atkinson, Stephanie, Loughborough University
Austen, Brian, Shoreditch College, Egham
Aylward, B. T., Leicestershire Advisory Service

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