Vol 6, No 1 (1973)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
S. John Eggleston


An Integrated Art Workshop Curriculum Innovation: Art in a Professional Course of Teacher Education PDF
John Lancaster
Integrated Design Studies at Bishop Wordworth's School: New approaches in curriculum and resources PDF
Austin Underwood
Integrated Art Work and Aesthetics PDF
Sonia Gregor
Art Education - A Mindless Activity No Longer PDF
Peter Berrisford
Heavy Craft Work in the Middle School PDF
M. B. Goodhew, J. F. Deans
Designing and Making Jewellery PDF
Brendan C. Friel
Indicators of Creative Ability in Craft Students PDF
John T Fisher
Justifying Craft in the Curriculum PDF
R. Stewart


Reviews PDF
B. T. Aylward, Marjorie Cruickshank, Leslie Deem, Esmee M. Epton, John Lancaster, Michael Paffard, R. J. Plummer, M. Sayer, F. O. Zanker

ISSN: 0305 766