Vol 5, No 2 (1973)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
S. John Eggleston


Wresting the Secrets of the Skies - Making a School Telescope: A craftsman's account of a complex design process that led to a remarkable range of new technological understandings and new aesthetic experiences PDF
S. Barras
Creativity and Formal Skills - Finding a Balance PDF
R. Cryer, P. Turner
It's a Small World: A priliminary explanation of the links between biology and the visual arts made possible by microscopy PDF
P. Robson
Art and Design at Pocklington School: The integration of work in Art and Technology at a Yorkshire Secondary School PDF
J. Jeffrey
Myth and Mystique in Art and Design Education: A review of the confused state of visual art/design education in the Art and Design Departments in the Polytechnics and some of its implications for the schools PDF
I. M. Pugh
Design and Craft Education, some fundamental questions: "Lacking an appreciation of the base, a sound grounding in craft skills, they have sought to extend the necessarily ephemeral qualities of design work into the school curriculum" PDF
D. Grady
Design in Schools - Consensus or Confusion? Is work in design and in craft one and the same thing - or at least congruent? Or is it a distinct and seperate activity? PDF
F. Ashton
Drawing Compared with Model Making as a Design Technique: A research report that suggests that wider use should be made of model making as a design technique PDF
R. Stewart


Reviews PDF
B. J. Aylward, Marjorie Cruickshank, Sally Livsey Davies, S. John Eggleston, Ronald Frankenberg, Ron George, B. T. Keay, John Lancaster, S. G. Partridge, D. Taberner

ISSN: 0305 766