Vol 13, No 1 (1980)

Table of Contents

Journal Board

Journal Board PDF
John Eggleston


Editorial PDF
John Eggleston


Design Craft and Technology - The New Consciousness - A Report on the Reports PDF
John Eggleston
Purposes and Practices in Middle School - Art and Design Education PDF
Generald Porter
Art and Craft in the Middle School PDF
Michael R.W.C Holmes
CDT and the Curriculum PDF
A. V. Kelly
Designing, Technical Drawing and the Craftsman PDF
Philip Roberts
Technology in School: Some Alternative Approaches PDF
John Cave
An Activity Using a Theme in Curriculum Planning PDF
John Lancaster
Examination Performance and Art Students PDF
S. Smith, A. Simon
Some Teachers' Views of the Use of Constructional Kits in Schools PDF
David Wharry


Reviews PDF
Francis Celoria, S. J. Eggleston, Crystal Hart, R. J. Hunt, Richard Kimbell, Michael Paffard, Michael Sayer, Frederick Stillman

ISSN: 0305 766