J. N. Atkins, Bernard Aylward, S. R. Blundell, Eric Decorte, R. Hart, Paul King, John Lancaster, R. N. MacGregor, Roy Nash, Michael Paffard, Michael Sayer, Roy Shaw, Dick Sutton
1978, Vol. 11, No. 1,


The following publications have been reviewed by the mentioned authors;

  • Welsh Crafts by Mary Eirwen Jones, reviewed by Roy Nash
  • A Source Book of Picture Making by Henry Pluckrose, reviewed by R. Hart
  • Approaches to Drawing by Leo Walmsley, reviewed by John Eggleston
  • Moulded and Slip Cast Pottery and Ceramics by David Cowley, reviewed by Michael Paffard
  • Painting by John Lancaster, reviewed by R. N. MacGregor
  • Design Resource Sheets by R. N. Billington and J. R. Jeffrey, reviewed by Dick Sutton
  • Enamelling on Metal,¬†Oppi. Intracht, reviewed by J. N. Atkins
  • Processes by Jack Bainbridge, reviewed by Michael Sayer
  • Artists and People by Su Braden, reviewed by Roy Shaw
  • Make Your Own Musical Instrument by Stuart Dalby, reviewed by Eric Decorte
  • Design in General Education by John Harahan, reviewed by Bernard Aylward
  • Painting Without a Brush by Roy Sparkes, reviewed by John Lancaster
  • Building Craft Equipment by A. Jay and Carol W. Abrams, reviewed by S. R. Blundell
  • Pyrography by Berhand Havez and Jean-Claude Varlet, reviewed by Paul King

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